Charter of Questions

At event 3 the idea of a ‘Charter of Questions’ was popular among the group. This would be accessible to Artists and Organisations in the network, and may be a signifier on a website that they have signed up to principles and aims of operating within the Rural. This was seen as a way to create transparency to the sorts of things that link us, but also give space for difference. The charter would exist as a regular check in activity, and would also be a form of implicit advocacy: a useful tool for funders/policy makers.

Building the Charter of Questions

The Charter of Questions will be developed collaboratively by the network using a shared online document, with the aim to solidify suggested questions at Event 4.

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Event 3 – Island of Raasay (Skye)

Event 3 took place at Raasay House on the Island of Raasay, in collaboration with Atlas Arts and their launch of ‘A Commonplace Book of Atlas’. Discussion reflected on the concerns identified in the first 2 events, and looked towards the future of the network an developing a ‘pragmatic wishlist’.

Event 2 – Lyth Arts Centre

Event 2 took place at Lyth Arts Centre in Caithness, with participants taking part in activities over 3 days. This involved reflections on emergent questions from event 1, a funding forum with Lindsay Dunbar, and discussions of the prospective concerns of the network.